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December 23, 1987

(...) Picked up Slash, his Girlfriend Sally, Steven Adler and Robbin and went to the Cathouse. Lots of coke, alcohol, pills .. I really don't remember much. At some point the usual blackouts. Then we went back to Slash's hotel to get some junk.
I was too wasted and let this cat shoot me up. I turned blue on the spot. This is, what they tell me.

Steven and Sally came in and try to revive me, I'm sure all the usual drama behind a junkie dying in your place happended at that point.

Sally McLaughlin: Guns had two suites at the Franklin. Slash was in one, Steven Adler was in the other. I came storming into our suite, furios, and Nikki said "Uh, we'd better leave them alone for a while". Nikki and Steven went to Steven's room with their dealer, and I started yelling at Slash, but he was to drunk to even argue back.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. It was Nikki, looking dreadful, and he came in and just fell on the floor. I was thinking, Great, now i've got TWO drunks to deal with here, but then the dealer came in, took one look at Nikki, yelled "Nikki's dead!" and ran off. He literally jumped out of the window and over the balcony and ran off down the street.

Slash: Then the next thing Sally was screaming, because Nikki rolled up and blue in the corner.

Sally McLaughlin: Slash was paralytic and Nikki was turning blue. Steven helped me drag Nikki into the bathroom, then he ran off, so I was left on my own with Nikki. I tried to get Nikki into the shower to pour water on him, but then Slash came in, saw Nikki and started freaking out. Slash had a friend named Todd who had died of a heroin overdose a few months earlier, so he started yelling "Todd!" and smashing up the bathroom. -
I was screaming for for somebody who call 911, which they did, and said "Nikki Sixx is dead!"

Vince Neil: I got two phone calls saying Nikki was dead, one from the limo driver and one from our tour manager, Rich Fisher. Maybe deep down I knew it was going to happen one day, but it still tore me to pieces because I loved Nikki -
even though he was an arrogant selfish shit. I cried. And I never used to cry then.

Slash: Then the paramedics were there, but I was so drunk I'd passed out. -

Sally McLaughlin: The paramedics ripped off Nikki's T-shirt to give him the adrenaline, then whisked him off.-

Nikki: I came to in a hospital bed. There was a cop asking me questions, so I told him to go fuck himself. I ripped out my tubes and staggered in just my leather pants into the parking lot, where two teenage girls were sitting crying around a candle. They had heard on the radio that I was dead and looked kind of surprised to see me.

Karen Dumont: At 5:45 a.m. there was a knock at the door and I opened it to see Nikki standing there, shivering like crazy. He was missing his boots and shirt plus he was wearing what looked like a little girl's jacket that was so tight across his back that his shoulders were heaved up. He just said that he couldn't find his key.

The next day I went to get his boots and give Slash and the Guns a piece of my mind. Sally told me that the ambulance guys had been going to give up on Nikki but a couple of girls had hysterically begged them to try again, and that was wehen they had managed to bring him back.

Auszug aus dem Buch Heroin Diaries von Nikki Sixx.

Das ist auf den Tag 22 Jahre her, und ich freue mich heute wie mit 18, 19, dass der einzige 'Star', dessen Bild ich mir an den Badezimmerspiegel gepinnt habe, heute mit 51 mehr denn je rockt. Für dieses Lachen würde ich immer noch heiraten, hach!

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